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ASPIDA Hades Short Cuff Perforated Leather Gloves

Rs. 3,200.00


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Product Details

This short cuff glove combines the best in protection with the latest in styling and construction with Perforated leather and hard knuckle protection.


  • Armored all leather short cuff riding glove
  • Pre-curved motorcycle-riding specific design
  • Perforated leather that provides good ventilation
  • Molded hard knuckle protection & Sliders for fingers
  • Premium full grain Brazilian leather. Soft and supple yet durable
  • Double layer on joints, little finger and palm for additional protection
  • Additional protection on the side of the palms.
  • Velcro® strap for secure and firm fastening and fit
  • Laser-dotted leather patch on palm for better grip
  • Vented design for use in hot climates

* Not designed for use in the rain.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Great gloves

    These are great gloves with solid protection, very well cushioned and ventilated. Genuine product from SPG.

    The best pair of gloves I've owned !

    These gloves are very well made and are a joy to wear. Quality of the leather is exceptional. Knuckle and finger sliders also seems pretty good. One might not see it in the picture but it has samll holes on the knuckle sliders for wind intake and they work really well. The leather also has tiny perforations at places for added breathability. The velcro straps are nice and strong making sure of a snug fit. The only con (if we are nitpicking) is that the dye provided in the inside clothe of the gloves gets on your skin when you sweat. But after wearing it for a few times and washing the gloves once the problem disappeared.

    Best gloves at this price, period.

    I wasn't sure of the fit so I asked team SPG and they suggested the proper size. It fits like a charm and gives you the feeling that it can take anything like a boss. Very well made and comfortable leather. The protection provided on the knuckles and the fingers are really tough. Very well padded palms. Velcros are awesome. What more can I say? This was my first purchase on SPG and I'm sold.

    Excellent purchase

    Thank you spartan for such an amazing gloves, got them delivered today and I am already in love with them. Extremely comfortable, smooth leather and has ventilation. I did a lot of research by going to stores and phisically checking out gloves, but none satisfied my needs under budget of 5k and finally one fine day I ordered these gloves. I can’t descirbe you the feeling of joy that you get, when you wear these gloves.

    Thank you for the review, Neel. Ride Safe!
    A good first impression!

    These gloves are well made,sturdyly stitched and no frayed ends anywhere. The leather is top quality. Supple but thick. All the pads are seamlessly integrated. The knuckle protectors and bumps along the fingers don't hamper your movement on the handlebars in anyway and the gloves felt natural two minutes into my first ride with them.

    Now coming to the main thing I was worried about that is ventilation. Riding around in Delhi in the summer months can be punishing in all sorts of ways and my previous leather gloves made it infinitely worse by completely steaming up my hands. These Hades gloves are thankfully well ventilated between the fingers and the small dot like vents do a surprisingly good job! It's 44 degrees here in delhi and on my daily 30 to 40 min commute my hands actually not only not sweat but stay cool! It was only after a closer inspection that I realised that it has some vents on the top of the glove as well which keep the back of your hand cool and comfortable (I initially thought it was just a design thing).

    I have ridden around 2 hundred kms with them and never fallen so can't say how good the protection is. Also not faced major Rains can't say

    Thank you Mr. Aditya for your detailed and nice review. Ride Safe always!!

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