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  • MUC-OFF Motorcycle Endurance Ceramic Chain Lube

MUC-OFF Motorcycle Endurance Ceramic Chain Lube

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Product Details

A scented ceramic based motorcycle chain lube that is suitable for all conditions. 


  • Compatible with O,X & Z rings.
  • Free from CFC.
  • Deeply penetrates pins, rollers and links.
  • Contains a UV dye.
  • Long lasting for greater intervals between applications.

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Customer Reviews

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MUC-OFF Motorcycle Endurance Ceramic Chain Lube

Exceeded expectation, best ever lube in the industry for Wet and Dry riding, especially Humid city.

Exceeded expectation and best ever lube in the industry for Wet and Dry riding, especially Humid citys.

Ceramic lube is the best lube in the industry for wet and dry conditions especially in places were it is humid, like coastal areas like Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai. Original ceramic lube would smell like a banana :-)....this smells the same.

1. Non-Sticky, non-greasy
2. Easily penetrates and forms a protective layer
3. Has a UV coating to protect your chain
4. Coats the chain links and rings with a layer of ceramic, which is hard to remove for minimum 1000kms
5. If you shift the gear properly and smooth, it should come minimum of 1500 kms in normal conditions
6. Original ones, smells like a banana
7. Withstands harsh conditions and high rpm
8. Actually ceramic is used in Engine parts for lesser friction
9. As long as you find a greenish residue over the chain, you need not change it
10. The cluk:cluk sound disappeared for my friend after ceramic usage
11. Stays long in wet conditions too
12. This bottle lasts 10000 KMS if lubed properly
13. Price worth for the quality buy
14. Tested for 1800kms without changing it, with 200 kms heavy rain. Only after 1300 kms, chain become slightly noisy

Only Con is availability :-) when needed. Ceramic is not purchased by everyone, hence is little available in our country when in need.
Bus as name say's it is endurance with quality.

Thank you for marketing it.

best lub in the market

One of best lubs i have used..Gives life to the chain and keeps it clean...Best part it has a scent to it..Attract less dirt too during this monsoon climate

Thank you Mr. Tarun.